Wendy Williams Trolled After She Reveals She Had A One-Night Stand With Method Man During Her…

Wendy Williams is spilling some personal tea before the premiere of her biopic.

Apparently, the daytime talk show host got it IN with rapper Method Man back in the day. Oh? Viewers will not see the hookup in her upcoming LIFETIME biopic and she explains why inside…

Wendy Williams has been cutting up in the days leading up to the premiere of her LIFETIME biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie. And she’s continuing to stir the pot.

While hot on the promo trail for her new film, the outspoken daytime talk show host revealed rapper Method Man stretched her out in the bedroom “back in the coke days,” referencing a time in her life when she was heavily uing dgs in the 90s.

”I was an eight ball girl by myself,” the 56-year-old daytime talk show host said during an interview with DJ Suss One. “I smoked a blnt with Redman – excuse me – with Method Man while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night stand.”

Come again, Wendy? She kept confusing Method Man for Redman, but to set the record straight, yes she was talking about Wu-Tang rapper Method Man, whom she dubbed “the leader of the biggest group in the world.” Sounds like sis was star stuck back then.

The TV personality said she met the NYC rapper at a club when he approached her.

“I smelled the wd and I had wd but he had better … He rolled a blunt, we smoked a blnt, we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots, the cops came in. … I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulders and I said, ‘You wanna come over?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll follow you.’”

“He’ll deny it. Maybe not,” she continued.

After the club, they were able to sneak out without anyone noticing them. They went back to Wendy’s Jersey City penthouse where Wendy gave him a bath in her jacuzzi. When DJ Suss One asked if they went all the way, she replied, “Yes!”

“That was back in the coke days,” she continued, “I don’t remember what he did, I’m not gonna implicate him on that.”

You would think tea this HOT would go in her upcoming biopic, but nope.

DJ Suss One noted her alleged one-night stand wasn’t included in the biopic (he saw the screener).

”It’s wasn’t in the movie because Redman, uh excuse me, Method Man is still very angry at me,” Wendy responded.


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