Teen Records Dad Singing In Car And The World Is Obsessed With His Voice

We have been singing and swaying along to the beat of Tennessee Whiskey ever since we saw the video. Dad has a classic sound to his voice that really enhances the song.

We also love how his daughter captured the moment on video. Who else wouldn’t start recording their own truck concert? Plus, it is so cute how she lip-syncs the song along with her father. You can see how very proud she is of her dad and his amazing talent!

She should be proud of her dad. His fans have been growing daily ever since this video was released online. Everyone who hears it just falls in love with his voice!

Ellen DeGeneres is also a fan. Dayla, his daughter, originally uploaded the video to show to her friends. Ellen reached out to the family and invited them onto her show, reports Sounds Like Nashville.

Dayla and her father flew out to be on the show right away, and Jones told Ellen and his viewers that he has always dreamed of being a singer. You can follow Jones’ journey as a musician on his YouTube channel where he posts his music.

Source & Credit: makaluhilsonline.com


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