‘Sweetie Pie’s’: Tim Norman Further Impli’cated in Mu’rde’r-for-Hir’e Pl’ot Against Nep’hew

When a reality star is involved in cri’me, the whole world watches minute by minute – and in the ca’se of Tim Norman, he’s been a hot topic. The Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s star is acc’used of orche’strating a m’ur’der-for-hire plot that left his nephew,w Andre Montgomery, dead. Now the al’leg’ed s’hoo’ter’s recent confession puts Tim in an even worse spot.

Sh’oo’ter in Andre Mo’ntgomery’s mu’rd’er plea’ds gu’ilty further implicating Tim Norman
Tim reportedly served as the mastermind behind his nephew’s m’ur’der. NBC St. Louis reports that Travell Hill, 30, was conv’icted of one count of cons’piracy to commit m’urd’er-for-hire, as well as another count of mu’rde’r-for-hire in Andre’s k’illi’ng. He claims he was hi’red by Tim. How they ini’tially made contact however is unclear.

Tim reportedly paid Hill $5,000 to carry out the bru’tal m’ur’der. Hill says that on the day of the mu’rde’r, he met Tim near the Clinton-Peabody Housing Complex south of downtown St. Louis for a “discussion” and that “it was Hill’s understanding that Norman wanted Hill to k’il’l Montg’omery.”

There are several theories floating around regarding why Tim would want Andre de’ad. According to the pros’ecution, Tim took out several life insu’rance policies on Andre totaling over $400,000. The policies list Tim as the sole beneficiary.

He a’lleged’ly tried cashing in on the policies within days of Andre’s m’urd’er but was denied the funds due to not being able to provide corro’bora’ting doc’umentation for the policies. The life insurance age’nt responsible for helping Tim set up the poli’cies is also charged with wir’e fra’ud consp’iracy.

Miss Robbie stands by her son

I’m believing this is going to turn out right. I’m praying. The whole world is praying for my family. We’re just getting up every day, going day by day. It’s not a good position to be in but God put this on me and I’m handling it and I know He’s not going to let me down. So my family is dealing with all of these iss’ues. We’re just waiting and praying for a miracle. After all, everyone has to realize he hasn’t been found gu’ilty. That’s what he’s accu’sed of so we don’t know what happened. That’s my son. I mean it’s like a marriage – ‘til dea’th do us part. I can’t give him back. When kids get in trouble, they’re still your kids. No matter what happens, I’m still his mom and he’s got support and I’m praying my child gets out of this because like I say he hasn’t been found g’ui’lty but the world be’at him up.

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