Royce Reed A’rre’sted For Child Neglect

I heard former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed was arr’ested for child neglect my first thought was what?! Then I read the documents.

Royce and her ex-boyfriend, basketball player Dwight Howard, share a son Braylon, 14, he is not allowed to be around any children that are 2 or more years younger than him, without an adult present, as he has mo’lested a child. Royce violated that rule as Braylon mo’lested another child. Her boyfriend lives with her and his child from another relationship spends time at the home.

The report states the police officers were taken a little startled as Royce was upset and crying and seemed more concerned about losing her boyfriend.

Braylon is seeking help for his predilections, but Royce knowingly put another child in harms way so did the father of the child who was abu’sed, this is terrible. A child ab’usin’g a child.

Source: Reality Wives

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