R. Kelly V!ctim Reacts To Proposed Pris0n Sentence: ’25 Years Is Too Low’

R. Kelly is just a couple of weeks away from being sentenced after he was conv!cted of numerous s*x cr!mes last year. After federal prosecutors recommended a 25-year pris0n sentence, one of the singer’s v!ctims doesn’t believe it’s enough time.

In an interview TMZ published on Monday, June 13, Lizzette Martinez, who was s*xually abu&ed by Kelly as a teenager, reacted to the news about the singer’s recommended pris0n sentence. She thinks 25 years isn’t enough time for what Kelly did to her and the other v!ctims. If she had the final say, Martinez said she would “put him under the ja!l forever.”

“I think that the situation is that he’s destroyed so many lives for so long that I think 25 is too low to be quite honest with you,” Martinez said. “I mean, We deal with residual side effects like we have to live with this forever, you know, it’s not just something that goes away.”

Martinez also said she believes that Kelly will go back to his old ways if he doesn’t get more pris0n time. She is one of several v!ctims who has been vocal about the abu&e Kelly put her through. Martinez was only 17 when she met Kelly in 1995 in a Florida shopping mall. The abu&e didn’t start immediately but eventually it grew and manifested into what the other v!ctims experienced. She wrote a book about what happened to her called Jane Doe #9: How I Survived R. Kelly and even appeared on the Lifetime special Surviving R. Kelly.

“Lock him up and throw the key away or put him under the ja!l forever,” Martinez said. She even recommended life in pris0n.

R. Kelly is scheduled to be sentenced in New York on June 29. He also faces charges in Illinois and Minnesota.

Source & Credit: dailyhdmedia.com


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