Mother tapes emotional message to her Son before giving him for Adoption

One of the hardest decisions in the world for the mother is giving your newborn up for adoption and you can ensure that it’s the last feasible choice for a mother who has held up and bonded with her infant for nine months. To convey the gift of a baby to a family that can’t have a child

is also the tremendous gift and the mamas that do this deserve all our affection, compassion and respect. Hannah Mongie started dating at the age of just 18 with Kaden and the two shortly realized that they were going to have a baby. After 2 days Kaden heard the heartbeat of his infant boy at 8 weeks old.

He d’i’e’d unexpectedly in his sleep, leaving Hannah’s entire world whirled upside down. After this sad incident Kaden’s death, Hannah made the heart-wrenching judgment to place their baby for adoption. An emotional video uploaded by Hannah on YouTube where she told her baby boy Tagg in a video.

Two days after he heard your heartbeat, his heart stopped and on the day your daddy d’i’e’d I had a hard time even considering placing you with a different family when you were my last piece of Kayden, an emotional Hannah told her baby boy in a video. But one day I woke up and knew you were supposed to be with someone else, There is also too much difficulty came in searching an adoptive

family was made even more hard by the first couple they found to adopt her son who later changed their minds but again she found a new couple Brad and Emily Marsh and she fell in love with them and lent them the announcement that she wanted them to accept her baby boy.

In the final few hours she got to spend with him as his mama she taped an emotional video for her baby so he realized that her decision was made purely out of love for him.

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