Mo’Nique’s Sister Calls Out Comedian After D.L. Hughley Issues: “Knock It Off”

The words exchanged between Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley following the two appearing on a comedy show together have escalated, with Mo’Nique speaking about Hughley’s daughter. Since then, Hughley’s daughter Ryan called out Mo’Nique, saying she’s “two crayons short of the full box.” Now, Mo’Nique’s sister has given her thoughts on the matter, calling out her sister in the process.

Via Facebook, the comedian’s sister Millicent Imes told her sister to “knock it off.” She started by saying, “Enough is Enough!! My Sister!! Stop the Madness!!! It’s not a good look!! God has Shut you down before, and believe me he will do it again!!! Let’s start by staying on topic.

YOU are and have been displacing your anger on the wrong people.” Imes, who stamped herself as Mo’Nique’s biological sister, said, “It’s absolutely maddening to see you embarrass yourself like this… which at this time it’s a reflection of the family (YOUR TRUE BIOLOGICAL FAMILY), not your made-up family.”

She said, “Again, clean your house up, and you’ll be set Free!!!!! Lol, I have receipts! As your old Bodyguard used to say… LET’S PLAY NICE!! As you say… This is all coming from a place of Love. Sister Stop!!!!” Take a look at her complete statement above.

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