Model, 23, whose pro blackjack player boyfriend, 63, bought her a $175,000 Mercedes as a ‘mid-week gift’ hits back at claims she’s only with him for his money – and says they have shared interests like ‘partying’ and fine dining

Willow Sias, 23, from North Carolina, met David Simonini, 63, on Tinder
The couple, who have a 40-year age gap, both enjoy five-star dinners and parties
They have gone viral on TikTok after sharing details about their life together
A 23-year-old model who is dating a man 40 years her senior has hit back at critics who claim she is only with him for his money. Willow Sias, 23, from North Carolina, met professional blackjack player and home builder David Simonini, 63, on Tinder in February 2022, and said they fell ‘in love instantly’.

‘We fell in love within an hour,’ the model said of the couple’s first date. ‘He was my first and only Tinder date, but we had a quick dinner because I had an interview later that night.

‘We’re like mirrors. Our energies mesh really well together and we even eat the same things, which is crazy. ‘Often, we’ll be doing nothing but still laughing and having a good time. I think we really bonded over the experiences and vibes we share, which is mostly what we have in common.’

The couple shares their lavish lifestyle online – including the day David bought his girlfriend a $175,000 Mercedes as a ‘mid-week gift’ – but have faced criticism from trolls who claim Willow is a ‘sugar baby. Willow brushes off the comments and says David gives her the ‘stability and security she needs.

She added that despite their age difference, Willow and David share a lot of common interests, including frequently going out for five-star dinners or partying. This isn’t Willow’s first time dating an older man; she has previously been involved with a 42-year-old and 37-year-old. She said: ‘I’ve actually dated an older man for a few months [before] and our age difference was around 20 years.

‘I was with a 42-year-old once, which lasted for around two years. ‘[The first one] was a dream, but I liked him too much and got scared, so I ghosted him. I’m glad I did because this led me to David. ‘My last relationship started out similarly to this one but the guy never followed through on what he would say he would do.

‘David has kept his word on everything, which is really sexy to me. He makes sure I’m taken care of, comfortable, and don’t need anything – which is really big for me. ‘I need that kind of stability and security in my life at this point.’ In the future, the couple hopes to start their own family together and have already discussed having kids.

Willow says her family and friends have embraced her new beau, but some people believe David is her ‘sugar daddy. She said: ‘[My parents] absolutely love how happy he’s made me and how good he is to me. ‘He recently bought me a Mercedes AMG as a ‘Happy Thursday’ present, so he really spoils me to death – which my father does too.

‘He’s very grateful I have someone that treats me like he did. [My friends] love us too – but a few still think that he’s my sugar daddy.’ The couple documents their romance on TikTok, where they have received 17.3 million views and over 2.2 million likes on one clip.

In the video, the couple is shown intimately dancing together as David’s hands run across Willow’s body. However, cruel trolls say the pair look more like ‘father and daughter’ than a couple. ‘Father-daughter dances are the sweetest thing,’ one viewer wrote. Another person added: ‘Love seeing cute father-daughter relationships.’

‘Awwww what a loving dad,’ a third wrote. Others appeared enamored with David. ‘No bc he’s hot,’ wrote one person. ‘Wait he’s so sweet, y’all look cute,’ another commented. One viewer said: ‘This is the cutest thing in the world.’

Despite the mixed reactions, the couple says that they aren’t worried about their age gap and choose to ignore any negative comments. Willow added: ‘I’m teaching him to [ignore the comments] too. ‘I’ve been an influencer on social media since I was about 12, so I’ve been around the block and know a thing or two already.

‘We get a lot of support from the girls, but lots of hate from the men – we’re not sure why, but there’s a definite divide. I don’t care [that trolls think he’s my sugar daddy]. ‘I don’t know any of these people and if I did they’re not people whose opinions I care about on this matter. ‘It does bother David sometimes though, so we appreciate the nice comments we do get.’

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