Meghan Markle Praises After Fans Noticed Her ‘Sweet’ Gesture To Mom With A Newborn

Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, are in the Netherlands to attend the Invictus Games. And just as the event began, the Duchess of Sussex was filmed as she walked alongside some people involved in the games. One is a mum holding a newborn wrapped in a long brown coat.

As they marched on, fans couldn’t help but notice when Meghan gave her coat to the mom to keep the baby warm as there had been a sharp drop in temperature.

This heartwarming moment was posted by author Omid Scobie on Twitter and captioned: “En route to the venue, the couple were escorted by #TeamNetherlands competitors and family – one of whom was proudly carrying a newborn. Noticing the sudden drop in temperature, Meghan quickly handed over her coat to the mom to help keep the baby warm.”

Scobie’s video has been watched over 55K times and garnered over 3K likes. Some fans have shared their thoughts, praising Meghan for her thoughtfulness.

One person commented: “A good mother is a good mother to everyone’s child.” Another said: “I didn’t even notice [the] baby until your post! That’s very sweet!” A third continued: “I was wondering why the woman next to Meghan was holding the coat so awkwardly. I couldn’t see the tiny baby wrapped in the coat. Megan is such a sweetheart.”

While a fourth added: “Oh that’s why that lady is hugging the coat!!! Ok I adore Meghan even more. She’s so freaking sweet.”

However, this video of Meghan and Harry marks the first time they’re seen together outside the US since Megxit.

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