Meet Woman Who Has Kids With Both Randy And Jermaine…Fans Are Confused

As is widely known, Katherine and Joe Jackson’s nine children have married and had kids of their own with many people by now.

In fact, some of the Jackson children’s children have kids now. But many fans were not aware that two Jackson brothers have children with the same woman.

For those who don’t know, Randy and Jermaine Jackson both have children with Alejandra Oaziaza-Jackson.

Randy actually dated the Colombian model first. The two met in 1986 when Alejandra was just 17-years-old and although they never tied the knot, they did have two children together – Genevieve and son, Steven, Jr. By now, everyone has seen The Jacksons: An American Dream.

So, you probably remember Randy didn’t start touring with his brothers until he was older. By that time, the Jacksons were well established. According to The New York Post, Alejandra shared details about her relationship with Randy.

Alejandra On Why She Wanted Jermaine After Randy

Randy reportedly ran off and married another woman while Alejandra was 7-months pregnant. While away on tour, Jermaine made his move.

“Jermaine wanted a family and that’s what I always wanted for my kids and he was a father for my kids,” Alejandra reportedly confessed.

Katherine Jackson Was Pissed, Says Family Friend

Alejandra’s relationship with Jermaine actually led to marriage; a union the Jackson family wasn’t too thrilled about, apparently. In fact, most of the fam’ — namely Mama Katherine — wasn’t pleased one bit, according to Alejandra reportedly told the Jackson’s longtime friend, Stacey Brown:

Alejandra and Jermaine went on to have three children – Jermajesty, Donte, and Jaafar.

Friend Says Randy Jackson Was Highly Pissed With Jermaine

According to Stacey — a male Jackson family friend for over 25 years/co-writer of the Jackson memoirs — there was a lot of tension between Randy and Jermaine. Although Randy moved on with his life, that didn’t mean he was happy for his brother, he was absolutely pissed about their relationship, so says Stacey to the NYPost:

“Joe Blow down the street, but my brother? In the same house?” […] “She’s a pig and my brother is a fool,” Stacey recalled Randy saying about Jermaine and Alejandra’s hook-up.

But, Stacey said Jermaine had one brother who was supportive – Michael. “Jermaine told me that Michael had called him at that time and told him, ‘Are you in love with her?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I am really in love with her.’ He [Michael] goes, ‘Then congratulations.’”

As a result of the relationship, Randy allegedly refused to pay child support for his kids back then. Since Jermaine stepped in, he felt it should have been his responsibility, but Jermaine felt otherwise, according to Brown.

In a nutshell, Jermaine felt his brother needed to just get over it. “He’s an a-hole,” Jermaine reportedly said of Randy. “He shouldn’t let his feelings for me or Alejandra come between taking care of his kids.


However, over the years, they’ve managed to get beyond the drama and now their children have a surprisingly close bond…as cousins and siblings.

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