Meet The Teenager Boy Who Look After Their Old Neighbors, When Their Own Children Was Not There: God’s Own Children – Video

In society, there are many misconceptions regarding teenagers like them being lazy, irresponsible and social media frequently standardizes teenagers for being neglectful, unmanageable. But one must not categorize everyone as the same and always remember the quote: “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Romemylion Mitchell, 15-year-old is one such example. Every day, Mitchell wakes up early just to meet his elderly neighbors before he leaves for school. Since his childhood, he has been living with his family across the street from an elderly couple like any other ordinary teenager, he goes to high school and has a lot of friends and other fun things to do. However, Romemylion never forgets to meet his elderly neighbors. He not only meets them but also helps them with simple things, like buying things from the store. He helps them with no hesitation, in his opinion, he said, “ he hates seeing people suffer in silence.”

Romemylion started visiting them every morning before he leaves for school, just to ask if they are good or need anything, as the elderly couple’s health started declining.

More often, this helpful teenager goes shopping for the couple. The elderly couple’s daughter named Tiki Joyner Edwards sadly lives somewhere else from them when she came to know about Romemylion helping her parents she was grateful and relaxed. Tiki Joyner Edwards said she felt safe to learn that her parents live across such a caring person who helps them every day without any hesitation.

According to Tiki Joyner Edwards, Romemylion helps her parents mow the lawn, shop. But the most important thing? He’s there, he cares and he’s talking to them. “I just want to take a moment and recognize this sweet fella that lives across the street from my parents.

He checks on them every day and has grown to love and care for them deeply. He rides with Dad to the store, helps him shop, and brings the groceries in.. he cuts the grass and whatever they may need,” Tiki Joyner Edwards wrote on social media.

When Cianne, Tiki’s mother, lost her life in hospital, Romemylion stepped in and hugged her. Everyone knew how much they meant to him. Tiki Joyner Edwards said, “When he saw Mom today he busted out crying and just held her tight, what a blessing and just wanted to pass on something heartwarming instead of the sad news we see and hear every day.” Romemylion Mitchell,15, is alone a living example of humanity.

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