Meet The Father Son Duo Who Graduated From Same College On The Same Day

Brandon Gathers and his dad, Antonio, shared a truly significant second when they as of late moved on from a similar school around the same time. In spite of their 26-year age hole, a few conditions carried them to acquire their certificates at a similar time.

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The two moved on from South Carolina State University last week. Antonio, who is 49-years of age, procured his graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling or Psychology and Brandon, who is 23-years of age, graduated with an unhitched male’s in Business Management. Brandon at first took an alternate major in another school and in the event that he didn’t choose to move to SC State a long time back, he would have graduated before.

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Antonio, then again, was shopping at a supermarket when he-ard about an extraordinary degree program at SC State and entered school two years after his child. While Brandon went to classes nearby, Antonio took his classes on the web. The dad and child said that they get their motivation from one another.

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“He was a motivation to me, simply seeing his per!ever-ance,” Antonio enlightened ABC News 4 regarding his child. “Doing different things, and living it up profession, you sort of placed yourself on the back bu*ner. Also, it was very essential to me to earn his college education to purs-ue one more road in my life and in my profession with the goal that I could help individuals.

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“ “He resembles my motivation,” Brandon depicted his dad. “He’s the ideal model of a bl*ck male mentor. He’s a God-dreading man, he’s fruitful, he’s astute, he realizes what he’s doing. He is only an extraordinary individual overall.”

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