After doubling down on ch’arges that he be’at her in a new appearance with the Today show, Amber Heard has opened the way for Johnny Depp to su’e her once more, with an expert telling that her newest statements are grounds for ‘a third case.’

Amber Heard has opened the door for Johnny Depp to sue her once again after she doubled down on claims that he beat her in a new interview with the Today show, an expert said

The actress called the ve’rdict in her defam’ation tr’ial agai’nst Depp ‘unfair,’ and ins’isted that she will ‘stand by every word of her testimony until the day she di’es,’ less than two weeks after she was found gu’ilty of defa’ming her ex by cla’iming that he ab’used her during their marriage,’ during the explosive interview, which was pre-recorded on Thursday in New York City and will air in three parts throughout the week.

During an interview with Today host Savannah Guthrie, the 36-year-old reaf’firmed her claims that Depp was physically aggr’essive towards her during their one-year marriage, accusing him of ‘lying’ on the stand when he said that he ‘never h’it her.’

The 36-year-old doubled down on her allegations that Depp was physically violent towards her, and accused him of 'lying' on the stand, while speaking to Today host Savannah Guthrie

Now, entertainment lawyer Nicole Haff of Romano Law in New York has revealed exclusively to how Heard’s remarks could backfire – and lead to her being su’ed by the Pirates of the Caribbean star once more.

‘Yes. This interview could count as a new “publication” under the law, which could spur a third lawsuit,’ the attorney explained when asked if Depp could s’ue Heard for defamation over her Today interview.

According to, ‘An individual who repeats or republishes defamation will be subject to the same liability as the publisher of the original defa’matory material,’ something known as republishing.

'Yes. This interview could count as a new ¿publication¿ under the law, which could spur a third lawsuit,' the attorney explained, when asked if this was grounds for another defamation trial

After the trial concluded on June 1, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft told the Today show that the star ‘absolutely’ couldn’t pay Depp the full amount of money.

Heard and Depp battled it out to determine if a 2018 Washington Post essay written by Heard, in which she accused the actor of domestic abuse, defamed Depp (seen  in court on April 20)

Depp also sued The Sun in the United Kingdom in 2020 for calling him a ‘wife ab’user’ in response to Heard’s clai’ms, but he lost the c’ase.

Despite the fact that a jury found her ex-husband gu’ilty on three counts of defam’ation against him in the recent trial, Heard refused to back down from her accus’ations of ab’use against him while speaking to the Today show, bla’sting Depp as a “li’ar” and repeating her cla’ims that he be’at her during their marriage.

‘He said he never hi’t you. Is that a li’e?’ Guthrie, questioned during the interview, to which Heard responded blu’ntly: ‘Yes it is.’

She added: ‘To my dyi’ng day, I will stand by every word of my test’imony.’


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