KFC Employee Saves K!dnapped Woman Who Left Note Begging For Help

KFC may not be good for your health, but some of their employees may have saved someone’s life. On May 15th, an employee of a KFC in Memphis helped rescue a k!dnapped woman. How? She left a note at the establishment asking for help. FOX13 reported that an employee had called 911 at the restaurant around 5 pm. He then reported that there was an individual holding a woman against her will. An affidavit confirmed that the employee had also provided the cops with a description of both. He then issued the note that the woman had written.

KFC Employee Helps Cops Rescue K!dnapped Woman
The description from the KFC employee matched one of D!ego Glay’s. Last, it was announced that the police had tracked him down. Glay had been fleeing the police after refusing to comply. But the officers then managed to subdue the perp- and also ar*est them after a foot chase.

The woman then stated that Glay had been holding her against her will. Although she was in a relationship with him- it was absolutely abu&ive. Inc!dentally, she had tried to escape from him multiple times. But Glay had hidden her phone away- while holding her captive. Mr. Glay will appear in court on 1 June and his bond has been set at $35,000.00.

Source & Credit: dailyhdmedia.com

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