Kendu Isaacs’ Daughter, Briana, Shared Why She Was Devastated When Mary J Blige Divorced Him

Growing Up Hip Hop” star, Briana Latrise Kamara, felt like she was in the middle of her father, Kendu Isaacs,’ divorce from Mary J. Blige. Before her dad’s and ex-stepmom’s marital problems, Briana says she and Mary J. Blige had a good relationship, but things soon changed after the divorce.

Mary J. Blige’s Former Stepdaughter, Briana, Opens Up About Their Relationship:

Briana hasn’t had an easy life despite her father’s celebrity status. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, she acknowledged that she is often drnk and that she was once sleeping in her car.

Because her mother and Kendu allegedly had issues, Briana claims that she didn’t even have her father’s number as a child, nor did they have a relationship.

Briana Connected With Mary J. Blige Immediately, But Was “Hysterical” After Divorce:

Briana shared that Mary J. never judged her and told her how smart she was. Although Kendu was her father, Briana revealed that she was closer to Mary than her own pops. When Briana learned of their divorce, she was devastated:

“I was hysterical. I gained 30 pounds and I just drank all the time.For me, it was kinda like ‘oh sht, if she’s gone, like that’s it. I’m not going to have a relationship with my family,’” Briana Kamara said to Jason Lee.

Briana felt like Mary J. Blige was the only person she could relate to and the thought of her not being in her life was heartbreaking.

On an episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop L.A.,” Briana shared that she had not spoken to Mary since she filed for divorce.

Briana Alleges That Mary J. Blige Blocked Her On Social Media:

Briana wishes she could still have a relationship with Mary, but realizes that may not ever be the case again, especially since Mary J. Blige allegedly blocked her on social media.

Despite the fact that Kendu and Mary didn’t work out, Briana said she loves and respects Mary J. In a past interview with Misster Ray for WE T.V., Briana once again spoke on how she misses Mary J. Blige.

Briana acknowledged that the divorce with Kendu and Mary J. Blige is still fresh and that maybe time will heal old wounds. In the meantime, Briana is keeping fans entertained with her daily antics, as she opened up about her apartment being on fire.

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