Johnny’s Dior Ad Goes Back Into Rotation After His Trial Win

Dior is one brand that has continued to support Johnny Depp despite the allegations of physical and s*xual abu’se leveled against him by Amber Heard and reports of unprofessional behavior on set. Thanks to their unending allegiance, Dior now seems to be betting big on the actor, broadcasting an old Ad of the 59-Year-Old actor.

It isn’t known if Dior is making a renewed push on Depp’s Sauvage Ads, but the actor had in 2015 recorded several commercials for the fashion house.

TMZ noted the Ad had aired in primetime amid an episode of MasterChef on Fox from 8-9 p.m. on Wednesday. And recently, an Ad that featured Depp playing chords for Wild Thing while in a desert surrounded by wolves has been in rotation. Initially, it had been posted by the French fashion house in September 2021, though it might have been filmed earlier.

According to Wall Street Journal, the renewed publicity comes as the cologne sales have risen at retailers.


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In June, the news outlet reported the cosmetics retailer and its competitor Ulta had seen increasing sales for Depp’s cologne, making it among their top-selling fragrances online. And while Dior seems to be sticking with Depp, there aren’t any indications yet that Hollywood plans to put in any major projects. On the other hand, Sephora has reportedly shared an Instagram Ad for Sauvage starting in May.

In that instance, the brand noticed the complaints and instantly removed the ad and related materials from its posts, according to The Guardian. However, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer in an interview with The Sunday Times in May, said there were no plans to bring Depp back to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Margot Robbie is running for a spin-off film.

Likewise, Depp’s ex-agent Tracey Jacobs had testified the actor used an earpiece on set to be fed his lines.

Dior Is Making Over $4.5M Daily From Selling A Bottle Of Johnny Depp’s Fragrance Every 3 Seconds
After Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun Newspaper in 2020, he saw himself being dropped by big companies, including Warner Bros, as he was fired from their movie Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. The actor was equally axed from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, where he was famously known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Despite all of this, it has never been reported that Depp is struggling to keep himself about the poverty line.

Notably, at the time of his loss to The Sun, Dior was among the numerous urged to remove Depp has the face of Sauvage Fragrance. But in response, a spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority said in a release: “We have received a total of 11 complaints about this ad with the complainants believing that Johnny Depp shouldn’t be in the ad due to details concerning his recent court case.”

Thankfully, Dior stuck by its man, and the perfume, which has been in existence since 2015, looks to have weathered the ongoing controversy around Depp.


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Dior is now presently selling a bottle of Sauvage; the perfume Depp is the face of every three seconds. This claim was shared publicly on Twitter by user John Pompliano. He cited a January 2022 article from Marie Claire where they dropped the mind-blogging statistics. Pompliano went a step further as he worked out how much money Depp’s fragrance made Dior.

PR Agent Mark Bokowski had in 2020 urged that Dior should drop Depp. Speaking to The Guardian, he stated: “I think it would be sensible for Dior to sever links with Depp. Anything can be stopped by pressing a button if they really want to. A brand like Dior is not just looking at this territory. The attitude [toward Depp] in the UK will be very different to the one in eastern Europe, for example. Brands hope for short term memory loss and long term amnesia.”


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