Johnny Could Become ‘World’s Highest-Paid Actor’ After Win Against Amber

Johnny Depp’s victory in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard might be his ticket to becoming the world’s highest-paid actor. His fans have this belief, and now, Alexandra Villa of In House PR has shared that the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s career will skyrocket.

“There is an argument that Johnny is now once again one of the world’s most bankable stars,” Alexandra told Mirror Magazines.

Alexandra, who represented Oscar-nominated actors and films for over two years, added: “He not only has the heart of the consumer in his hands, he may be able to pick and choose some of the biggest movies coming out in the next few years. He could become the world’s highest-paid actor ever.”

She stated Johnny had made Hollywood studios billions of dollars over the past few decades, which is why he has 40 years of work and projects beloved by the audience.

“An example, I feel, in the public’s support is his fragrance Sauvage selling record amounts.” Alexandra further told the news outlet the TV networks are already playing Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the US again, one right after another, and claimed: “In the eyes of the majority of the public, he has suffered and exposed his life of misery and challenges in his relationship at times.”

“Johnny had to put his whole life out for public scrutiny, good and bad, but he did it not for the money, but for his reputation to be restored.”

Alexandra said Johnny also went all out for his kids to clear his name in public and added he was the golden boy for Disney when the Pirates films made billions. When asked if he’ll reprise his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboots, the PR expert shared: “At the end of the day money talks and profit talks.” Of Heard’s future, it’s alleged it would be challenging but that her acting could be rebound.

Alexandra gave examples of actors who had been involved in big scandals as Heard, including Robert Downey Junior and Micheal Jackson, but they recovered.


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