Guys Spot Woman Buying Gas With Pennies & Br-eak Down When They Learn Her Story. – Video

Comedian Carlos ‘Haha’ Davis, was first noticed by people after a video of his went viral in 2013. Ever since he has been lucky enough to receive love from the internet and has also got chances to work with rappers like Snoop Dog.

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He regularly keeps posting funny videos and also has a weekly segment where he does a random act of kindness and it is called ‘I love you.’ In one such segment, he was seen helping an old lady at the gas station, and the video has been going viral. Davis said that he saw the woman trying to gather pennies to pay for the gas and understood that she was br-ke.

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He quickly approached her and offered to help her. In the video, Davis’s partner is seen telling the old lady that it’s legal. She couldn’t control her happiness and br-ke down while Davis hugged her. She said that her husband had recently leave this world, and things got difficult.

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The video has garnered so many likes and comments. Davis’s fans and viewers have appreciated him for doing a kind act that made a woman’s day much better. We often don’t realize how a simple act of kindness can go a long way and make a big difference in someone’s life. This story is a shred of evidence that humanity is still alive.

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