Father Buys 13-Year-Old Daughter A House For Her Birthday To Teach Her Financial Independence

Over the mid year, Ajala Shabazz, turned the huge 1-3. The Birmingham, Alabama, young lady was presumably eager to enter her authority youngster years, however the birthday present she got from her father made the achievement considerably more extraordinary.

On July 4, Ajala was given the keys to her absolute first home. (Truth be told — she got an entire darn house!) But it wasn’t on the grounds that her father is the ru!n his-children spoiled type or was implying that now is the right time to move out. Truth be told, the gift was all essential for an arrangement to show his children monetary autonomy since the beginning — something he was unable to have a more energetic outlook on.

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That very day, the pleased father shared the news on Facebook. “Today I gifted my little girl with a house for her thirteenth B’earthday,” composed Avee-Ashanti Shabazz. “This was not irregular, it was arranged. This denotes the start of a family custom where each Shabazz will be gifted a house on their thirteenth B’earthday, and instructed to incorporate it into various properties before they are legitimate grown-ups.”

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Likewise, the father shared dazzling when photographs of the house. It’s muddled whether he did the redesigns himself, yet Shabazz posted photographs of his girl’s new home when the rebuild, and the outcomes were really noteworthy. Since sharing the news, a large number of individuals have enjoyed the father’s post.

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