eannie Mai And Jeezy’s Daughter Monaco Makes Public Debut

On Thursday (June 2), TV host and digital producer Jeannie Mai took a backseat to “the real” star—baby Monaco!

Only five months after welcoming a baby girl into the world with husband and rapper Jeezy, the former The Real personality finally gave fans a first look at the couple’s new bundle of joy, Monaco Mai Jenkins.

In a video shared to Jeannie Mai’s Hello Hunnay Youtube account, Mai teased that viewers were “going to meet somebody very, very special in my life… Somebody new, somebody shiny, somebody who smells so good. Like five-months-old good.”

Building up the anticipation, Mai shared a collection of photos and videos over a span of the little one’s first few months out of the womb. Footage included the baby’s first giggles, her first Lunar New Year (a nod to her Asian heritage), quality time with her paternal grandparents, and even appearances from fellow The Real co-hosts. Mai then gave her fans a return on their investment by bringing out baby Monaco, accompanied by her own mother, Olivia Mai.

After learning more about the struggles of naturally feeding her baby, Mai said it was the “first time I get to connect with moms,” and added, “I really just want to hear so much from everybody out there and I have so much to learn.”

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