Da Brat’s Best Songs, Life with Wife Jesseca Dupart and Their Journey to Have a Baby

Da Brat came out to the world thanks to the support she received from Jesseca Dupart, who is now married to. The pair have embarked on a journey to parenthood, but it has not been easy; hear what they had to say.

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca Dupart recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show,” where they opened up about their IVF journey and the complications they had to face while attempting to expand their family.

The pair got married in February 2022 in a dreamy ceremony complete with white carriages and fabulous wedding dresses.

Speaking about the wedding, the couple revealed that it was planned for nine days, most of which saw them being followed by a TV crew.

When Hall asked Dupart, who comes from a conservative background, how she felt after the wedding, knowing that she was living by her own rules after having come out and married the love of her life, the rap queen stated that she felt like she could “conquer everything.”

Dupart was the first female rapper ever to go platinum, and it made her feel like there was little she could not do if she really put her mind to it.

Later, Hall asked if they were having a baby; Dupart revealed that they had not spoken about it on social media because they had experienced some turbulence on their journey.

Dupart seemed really emotional as she spoke, but Da Brat picked up on it and was quick to comfort her, telling her it was okay before Hall stepped in to share her own experience with IVF.


Da Brat is best known for her songs “Funkdafied” and “Heartbreaker.” Her career began at MTV, where she left a good impression on the judges who watched her perform on “Yo! MTV Raps” in 1992.

Following her win, she got introduced to Jermaine Dupri, who got her signed to his label, after which she made a name for herself with her “Funkdafied” album that went platinum.

Her song “Funkdafied” peaked at 11 on the billboard and spent 46 weeks on the chart, while “Anuthatantrum” spent 20 weeks and peaked at 20 after it was released on November 16, 1996.

Her other two songs that made it to the billboard were “Unrestricted” and “Limelight, Luv & Niteclubz,” which peaked at 20 and 17, respectively.


Da Brat and Dupart met in 2017 at one of the product mogul’s Miracle Drops events in Atlanta, but even though they connected, they lost touch. When they reconnected, they played love games until it finally clicked.

Two years later, they were dating but had to keep it lowkey because nobody knew that Da Brat preferred women until during the ESSENCE fest later that year when Da Brat decided she was done hiding.

Finally, they went public in 2020 after Dupart gifted her a Rolls Royce for her birthday, and shortly after, Dupart popped the big question.

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