D.L. Hughley’s Daughter to Mo’Nique: “You’re Disg’usting.. Get Some Help”

Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley’s issues with one another have seemingly transferred over to their family, as Hughley’s oldest daughter called out Mo’Nique for comments she made mentioning their family. Previously, during her rant against D.L., Mo’Nique fired off allegations about his kids, saying, “I find it funny that DL will call out… myself, etc., but he won’t call out the name of the person that violated his daughter.”

Ryan Nicole Shepard, the oldest daughter of Hughley, took to Instagram and laid into Mo’Nique with some harsh words. After introducing herself, Shepard said, “You’ve now publicly disrespected my mother– who I love and care for very much– and my baby sister– who I love and care for very much– to get back at my father…”

Shepard continued to lay into Mo’Nique, calling her out for choosing “to be deliberately mean and hur’tful to two black women who have nothing to do with this conversation.” She then questioned Mo’Nique’s mental sta’bility and dignity for herself, saying she’s “two crayons short of the full box.” See her complete statement above.

Source: vladtv.com


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