Connecticut Teen Called A Hero After Saving Mother, Three Children From Bur-ning Car – Video

After coming to the aid of four people stranded inside a smouldering car, a Connecticut teen has been hailed a hero. Three of them were children under the age of ten. There was even a 1-year-old inside the car when it was set ablaze. But there was one thing that kept the unpleasant thing from occurring, and his name is Justin Gavin.

“I just thought if that were me in that circumstance, I would want someone to support me, so I did what I could.” A raging car rolled to a stop in front of the 18-year-old as she was walking down a street in Waterbury. With three children in the back seat, a young woman was driving. Justin was absolutely petrified, but he ran to assist.

“I was scare because I didn’t know if the car was going to blow at any moment,” he explained. The driver informed the officer. Justin saved everyone’s life. The officer presented Justin with a challenge coin, one of the city’s highest honours, just hours after the stunning rescue.

“It’s just a token of my admiration for you being such a great member of this society,” Waterbury po-lice chief Fernando Spagnolo stated. “The officer told me that whenever I need courage or some type of bravery or something like that, I should always look back at the coin and remember that day,” Justin explained.

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