At Age 83 Jane Fonda Looks 20 Years Younger, And Her Beauty Secrets Are Accessible To All

All women wish to remain attractive as they grow older. We do our best to take care of ourselves and pay attention to the trends of today’s world. However, father time has a way of making his presence seen and felt.

From time to time, we see an example of unfaded beauty that provides us all with the optimism and inspiration we need. Jane Fonda is one of these examples. And the world cinema star possesses six beauty secrets she is willing to share with us all.

Jane Fonda first lit up the big screens in the 1960s. Her fans were thrilled by her performances in movies like Fun With Dick And Jane, A Doll’s House, and Better Living Through Chemistry. Fonda left Hollywood a few times over the years but she always returned to thrill fans once more. There was also a time when Fonda was known for her aerobics workout videos.

Fonda has been known to make waves with her political activism. She nearly lost her career after making a visit to North Vietnam in the 1970s. The media called her a traitor and the reverberations were felt throughout the world. Through it all, Fonda is a legend of the big screen, writer, philanthropist, and model. And now she will tell us how she has apparently slowed down the hands of time.



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Though she is many years past the days when she produced workout videos, Fonda never stopped exercising. She combines her regular workout regimen with great nutrition. The temperature of the skin is increased during exercise and this stimulates collagen production. This process helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.



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Not only does growing older not have to be a bad experience but it can also be quite beautiful. Fonda lives a life filled with optimism and feels this is the main component of remaining beautiful in her senior years.

Good Habits


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Too many people believe they are unable to give up bad habits once they have indulged in them for a period of time. However, Jane Fonda knows this is not the reality. The great health and glowing beauty Fonda enjoys at 81 years of age is evidence that she knows exactly what she is talking about.



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Unhealthy hair can give away the age of a woman just as quickly as skin that is not properly treated. However, hair that is well maintained will help maintain a youthful appearance.



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Things like bitter comments and harsh criticisms can disrupt the balance in your life. Fonda provides a rule that has helped her with this problem. She instructs others to not pay attention to comments unless they are worthy of your attention. One look at a photo of Fonda and you will see her impenetrable demeanor.


Jane explains that the importance of sleep quality increases as we grow older. Her advice is to make sure you get the sleep now that you once ignored in your youth.

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