A Girl 8, Diagnosed with br’east can’cer after Both Parents Fought with can’cer

Life is uncertain, with lots of test and hardship. Sometimes, it become really hard to live but we still fight. The uncertainties is not with us, it also revolve around our loved ones. It is scary to live with such fear. Annette Turner of Centerville, Utah married to a guy whom she dated for 2 years.

She got married in her 20’s and gave birth after 5 of her marriage to a little girl named, Brianna. They we’re living a happy life together. After Six months Brianna was born, Annette was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical c’a’n’c’e’r. She was very blessed as she fought with her d’i’s’e’a’s’e and went for surgery. After seven years she again got pregnant and gave birth to one more little girl named Chrissy.

Then, hardly a year after our sweet Chrissy was born in August of 2008, her husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His diagnosis was truly frightening as he had lost his father 4 years before to Leukemia. He endured 8 months of difficult chemo and the whole family were happy to discover that his cancer had gone into remission.

But we don’t have any idea that most difficult phase of our life is awaiting for us. After few years Christie, the younger child of the couple find a lump near nipple. She shown to their parents. As both of her parents were cancer victim they really got scared.

It was nightmare for the family and it turned to be true after doctor diagnosed her with an extremely rare form of breast cancer called secretory breast carcinoma. 1 in 1 million are diagnosed with this type of cancer but none as young as Chrissy.

The little kid and the whole family was moved in tears and completely devastated. But at end Chrissy gathered all her courage and decided fight. She underwent surgery and fought with cancer very well. The whole family had the fighter spirit and they loved each other in course of time.

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