8-Year-Old Boy Dies During a Game of Hide and Seek After Getting Stuck Between a Washer and Dryer

A Texas boy passes away after getting stuck between a washing machine and dryer during a hide-and-seek game.

Captain Tim Watkins says 8-year-old Wrangler Hendrix was playing the game while visiting a relative’s home with his grandparents.

According to Watkins, authorities believe Hendrix was trying to find a hiding place when he got stuck. Hendrix’s family found him “wedged between a washer and dryer” and began CPR.

Once police arrived at the home, they discovered Hendrix “unresponsive.”

“The child was transported to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Georgia, where resuscitation attempts continued,” Watkins said. “After approximately one hour of resuscitation attempts, the child was pronounced at approximately 7:28 PM.”

An official autopsy is expected to be performed despite authorities believing Hendrix died from positional asphyxiation.

Source & Credit: balleralert.com

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