24-year-old woman with ‘biggest lips’ in the world has spent $5,000 on fillers and still wants to go BIGGER

Lip fillers or injections are a relatively common procedure. Plenty of people have them done every day. The goal, naturally, is to have bigger, fuller lips. As we age, typically our lips become thinner, so the procedure is especially popular as people get older. With the currency pressures today to have a certain “look”, however, more and more young people are having fillers done. This 24-year-old Bulgarian woman claims to have the world’s biggest lips thanks to fillers and injections – and she’s not done yet.

Fillers Have Given This Woman The World’s Biggest Lips
Twenty-four-year-old Andrea Ivanova has some pretty, well, big beauty goals. Her number one goal is to have the world’s biggest lips, and she may have already achieved this. The young woman has already received at least 27 lip injections and fillers to enhance her natural lip size. Ivanova, from Sofia, Bulgaria, has said that she hopes the injections will make her look more like a Bratz doll.

“I like them a lot and feel much better,” she said.

Naturally, Andrea has been receiving fillers for quite some time now. She had her first fillers done several years ago because she was feeling self-conscious about her lips. According to her, they were too thin. Immediately after her first injections, she felt more confident about her appearance. She says she also began to receive more attention from men.

“Many men from all over the world would write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips and inviting me to meetings all the time,” she explained.

She Has Spent Quite A Lot Of Money to Spend on Fillers

Naturally, all of these injections come with a cost, and not just a physical one. Each injection costs her about $265 USD. In total, she has now spent more than $5000 USD on her, frankly, massive lips. On top of that, her lips aren’t the only procedure she has had done. She has also had a face lengthening and contouring procedure that cost her about $660. She’s had plenty of other costly procedures and modifications done, and not just to her face. (2)


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She Has Many Fans
Ivana has many, many fans. She has 18.2k followers on Instagram. Many of her photos are filled with comments from male admirers. Comments include people telling her that they think she is gorgeous and that they really love her lips.

“Fantastic,” wrote one man. “I would love to be the man who has the honor to have wonderful dinner with you…let me know…”

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