When Judge asked, why do you want to adopt Shiloh, shared her beautiful story with love what matter

The biggest day of joy for them is day when she and her husband adopted a foster child. They were already had three children of their own but it was a dream for Melissa since she was 13. After 10 year of marriage Melissa and her husband decided to have a foster children. They don’t want to adopt a toddler as,

they already had that experience of their three biological children Eden, Judah and Israel. After living in overseas they again came back to Florida and started foster and adoption training. They informed their children during this entire process. They decided to have a child whose age is 2 year or older.

But unfortunately they didn’t get the match and asked to adopt a child age of 6 or older. After lots of struggle they found a match and adoption process started in September 2016. On Dec 20th, 2017, for the first time they met Shiloh. At that time she was 2.5 year old. She was delighted and overjoyed to meet her.

The entire family was more than happy to have Shiloh. After completing one year with the new family, Mellisa husband wrote these words, It’s been one year. One year since I met her. One year since I gained another daughter. One year since my capacity to love a child expanded beyond my own biology.

One year of witnessing the bond between sisters. One year since I began attempting to comprehend challenges of race she’ll face. One year of learning to care for textured hair. One year of watching a personality blossom. One year of supporting a child in grief.

One year of firsts. One year of deliberately purchasing dolls of color. One year of her ‘run-with-abandon’ style towards me as I walk in the door. One year of morning snuggles. One year of her thumb against her lip when she’s tired. One year of the responsibility of four. It’s been one year since I met her, and my life will never be the same.

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