VIDEO: First Surviving Set Of Black s-xtuplets Of America, Graduated Together

A couple from Alabama, Diamond and Chris Harris were very delighted when they first found out that they were going to become parents for the first time. But the real surprise is yet to come, later the doctor informed them that Diamond was expecting s-xtuplets, and the couple couldn’t control their joy.

Through c-section, Diamond welcomed their babies at 26.5 weeks. The names of kids are Kiera, Kobe, Kaleb, Kieran, Kyle, and Kaylynne. In America, they are the first surviving set of black S-xtuplets. Recently, all the s-xtuplets against all odds are graduated high school together. On the big day,

they posted a photo on social media which went viral. In the picture, the six of them can be seen wearing blue gowns and matching caps giving smile for the photograph. Now, that kids are going to move out of the house and their parents showed concern and said things will be very different for the family.

Chris and Diamond told those kids are of 18 years and it’ll take time for them to be normal with the change. Now, the kids are ready to move to college. While Kiera and Kobe will be going to join the Lawson State Community College while Kaleb and Kieran are ready to join Alabama A&M. Kaylynne decided to attend Alabama State University.

Meanwhile, Kyle, who has been suffering from autism, would do a project on life skills. At first, when Diamond was Pregnant, doctors told that she was going to have twins.

After few weeks, the doctor told her that she was going to have s-xtuplets. She said that there were many inconveniences while giving birth and the kids were born pre-maturely, and the doctors were concerned about their survival.


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