This Kid Became A Multi-Platinum Singer Who Was On The “Cosby Show” At 4 Years Old

This R&B singer sitting on Bill Cosby’s lap was 4 years old in this Cosby Show scene. She appeared in the episode titled, “Sleepover,” in 1985 where she played one of “Rudy Huxtable’s” friends. She’s now a 40-year-old international star who has won several Grammys and other awards for her contributions to R&B. See who she is below.

Look closely at the pic and see if you can get in the ball park of who she might be and then find out if your guess was a good one…

It’s “Fallin’” and “No One” hit singer, Alicia Keys! Alicia made her TV debut when she played “Rudy’s” buddy on The Cosby Show. Below is the clip of 4-year-old Alicia Keys getting her acting on…

Just goes to show that you never know what type of potential a child has until you see them find their passion and blossom into an adult. Who would have thought that the little girl in this Cosby clip would have grown up to become a successful singer/musician/actress who has sold over 35 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide?

Deleted: By the way this performance Alicia did with her idol, Stevie Wonder, a few years ago is timeless! Click the play button and watch Alicia at the Billboard Awards with Stevie making it do what it do!

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