Texas Boys Given 2% Chance of Survival Beat the Odds and Graduate High School Together

Genuine friendship is non-parasitic but rather symbiotic. Relationships are often built on trust. Two Texas boys given a two percent chance of survival beat the odds together, following their profound likeness for each other and an unquestionable hope.

A great friendship means that the parties involved are committed to supporting one another. Many people have had relationships that defy all odds, not minding the race, background, or distance between them.

Somehow, two Texas boys, one black and the other white with unique living conditions, proved that they are not so different when it comes to grasping such opportunities to encounter genuine friendship.

They began a partnership as toddlers, and over the years, it was watered with hope, love, and steady communication—which turned into a miracle (a lifetime closeness).

More than ten years after their births and super dark predictions made by the doctors, the friends graduated from the same high school, recreating a photo they took years ago.


The Texas boys, Odin Frost, and Jordan Granberry are no baby geniuses or inventors, but through their love for each other, they have blessed the world, as their story offers inspiration for friendship.

It appeared that it was destiny that linked these two. At their births, they shared a special connection unknowingly— the boys stayed in the same NICU, in a hospital in Dallas, at different times. Odin was born three weeks early to a 40-year-old who experienced preeclampsia during pregnancy, leading to bleeding in the brain.

At birth, the doctors who were not certain about his condition explained a possible future which included an inability to walk, cognitive dysfunction that would not advance more than a 7-year-old, and other brain problems which would hinder walking.


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The surrounding the boy’s parents, Deanda and Tim, found themselves in did not make it any easier. Many people talked about how Odin would remain in a vegetative stage for the rest of his life if he survived.

The couple kept on scheduling meetings with doctors and specialists, looking for how best to manage the situation, especially as their newborn was given a two percent survival rate. On the other hand, Jordan experienced a blood infection in the womb, which starved him of oxygen, leading to permanent brain damage.


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Concerning his case, doctors ruled off a possible long life span, explaining that due to the hindrances, he may not live for more than seven years.

As fate would have it, the boys defined all odds. First, they became familiar with walking. Odin walked at 5, while Jordan, at 18. They have also lived longer than their diagnosis predicted.


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These Texas residents met each other during their time as students in a special needs institution, Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs. They were only three years old but established a connection instantly.

Soon, this heart-melting bond forced the Frost family to team up with Jordan’s parents, Donna and Damon. The boys were photographed next to each other during their first day at school. Speaking about the origin of their closeness, Tim said:

“Their very first day of school, they were put in the same classroom. They pretty much had this immediate bond. Neither one of them could speak, but wherever the other one was, they were always together.”


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They developed their relationship and tried to help one another. When Odin began walking at 4, and his friend was not, he would often provide support to Jordan’s wheelchair and defend him.

Even though they were not always in the same class in school, their friendship grew. The boys never wavered in their desire to remain connected.


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Their bond became stronger as they listened to music at school and during car rides. They were prompt with their frequent visits—their communication was non-verbal, yet they often laughed at their jokes, pinched each other, and bonded while getting their haircut by Donna, who works as a hairstylist.


In 2020, after more than a decade of friendship and going to the same school, they planned to graduate together. At first, their parents were hesitant to attend the graduation ceremony due to the coronavirus, but they agreed, following the precautions set in place.

On the scheduled day, the boys went up the stage to collect their diplomas, irrespective of their hypotonia diagnosis. Tim held his son’s hand, and while they strutted on the stage, he felt Odin’s excitement. Jordan was accompanied by his dad.

At the end of the day, the friends posed side by side for their graduation photos, accidentally recreating the picture they took during their first week of school.

Back at home, their parents were overwhelmed with joy. They marked the day with a bottle of champagne and a little celebration. The parents revealed that their sons would continue to attend the school as it had a program suitable for special-needs people up to age 21.

Via his Reddit account, Tim shared the graduation image collaged next to the photo taken fifteen years ago. As expected, the post curried lots of comments, and when Tim saw it, he was shocked yet afraid that some commenters might script nasty things.

To his amazement, there were thousands of possible comments. Other Reddit users were in awe of the preserved friendship, and how the boys challenged the medical predictions. One person quipped:

“AWESOME!! I’m a disability support worker and it is also great to see they’re such good friends. Many of the adults with intellectual disabilities that I work with struggle to find friends, partners.”


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Amid the praises, Tim confessed that his goal was to inspire people and showcase the exceptional friendship between the boys.

He said: “Just because something doesn’t look like ‘the normal’ doesn’t make it any less than. Both of the boys have more personality, drive, wit, humor, and joy in them to fill anyone’s heart with joy. The determination to live and live fully that both of these amazing humans have should inspire and feed hope to anyone who may be looking for it.”

Indeed, the boys have shown that through support and love, determination and hope are born to achieve the best miracles in life, which includes a genuine friendship!

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