Steve Harvey’s Early Life was Full of Tragedy, Now Revealed

Steve Harvey is the person to whom everyone liked, he appears like a good and sincere person. He is a person who he is grounded in spite of being on the top of his career. My feeling is that he doesn’t behave like many other Hollywood jerks, it was a very unhappy day clearly when Harvey was removed from his long-running NBC daytime talk show Steve, which he had hosted since 2012.

Over the years, like an incredible comedian, Steve Harvey has brought us with a lot of laughs and smiles. His sense of humor and common sense technique to life are much-needed, particularly in a world that can be overtly horrible and unfortunate. However, Steve Harvey is not all laugh and fun. In fact, he also has a deeper, unique side that many haven’t seen. Like everyone,

Steve has his shortcomings and secrets, something that became very obvious when he brought on his wife to the Steve Harvey Show. Steve revealed one of his secret which made his beloved wife burst into tears. The famous comedian was born in Welch in 1957, West Virginia. At the time of his birth, he was given his first name which wasn’t Steve. His parents gave the name of their son Broderick,

after the actor Broderick Crawford of the TV series Highway Patrol. Despite of that, he has constantly gone by the name Steve. Steve is not from the privileged family his father, Jesse Harvey, was a coal miner and his mother, Eloise, served at a Sunday school.

The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio after a few years living in West Virginia. This is where Steve Harvey moved to high school and the foremost known pictures of him came. As he told Growing up he had a stammering problem and “was from the hood. In early days of his life, he worked as a boxer, car repairman, carpet cleaner and postman for living.

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