Stephanie Mills Explained Why She Called Brian McKnight Disrespectful & Criticized Erykah Badu

In case you didn’t know by now Stephanie Mills may be small in stature, standing 4’9″…but she has a BIG personality and ain’t afraid to speak her mind.

That’s also one of the reasons why we think she should do more interviews, because they’re usually entertaining, even when we may disagree with her point of view.

Anyways, Ms. Mills had a lot to say about Brian McKnight in a past interview. See why she called him disrespectful…

Not only did Stephanie have a few words for Brian McKnight, but she had a lil’ something to say about Erykah Badu and other artists too. Tell us if you agree with what she’s saying here…


In a past interview with Huffington Post, Stephanie Mills revealed this:

“I found that song [Brian McKnight’s “Show Me How Your Pu**y Works”] disrespectful. I just don’t think you have to go that far to get attention.

And I think sometimes the older artists — because he is older now — the older artists are so starved for attention that they’ll just about do anything. And I come from the school of when they taught you how to sit and do interviews and taught you how to walk into a room.

There was so much training during the time that I came through that we would never think of doing anything like that. So I think it took away from all of the classiness and the great stuff that he has done before.”


“It’s just like when Erykah Badu took off all of her clothes. I was like, ‘It’s just so unnecessary to do that!’ I love Erykah Badu, but I think sometimes they want to do the shock value thing, but I don’t think it always works for black artists the way that it works for white artists,” said Mills.

ILOSM family, do y’all agree with Stephanie Mills on this, or no?

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