Shereé Eventually Allowed Kenya See Her Basement But Things Did Not Go as We Anticipated

Years before a highly volt drama between Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield is unforgettable. After so many years it is again sparkled when Kenya was asked to give her truthful feedback on Chateau Shereé. Several years after Kenya Moore’s comments about Shereé Whitfield’s unfinished basement stirred some remarkable drama, Shereé eventually had the opportunity,

to display Kenya the completed space. Naturally, she was beyond excited for the long-awaited moment at Chateau Shereé. On the May 8 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in an interview while laughing Shree said, “Kenya has not been in my basement since the bitch went creeping during my housewarming. I finished it. I cannot wait to show this bitch my basement.

Previously Shereé announced that the finished basement is fabulous, and it looks like Kenya with her whole heart agreed. I love it, she said when she was visiting the basement’s bar, entertainment room, spa room, and lounge. Oh my god, it’s so comfy. This is like a club. She had applauded sheree in an episode interview, “You cannot hate on this,” she accepted.

How high are those ceilings?! And we’re in the basement. Bravo. The rest of the house was equally impressive for Kenya. She said, Look at the chateau! she exclaimed as she walked through the front door. “It’s gorgeous.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta never disappoint their viewers and bring the drama on following Sunday night’s episode. It seems like the war between Kenya and Sheree will never stop,

and the low blasts just keep rolling in. Will the two ladies ever call a peace? Sheree was there cast member of The Real House wives of Atlanta which is most consistently highly rated program, since it’s beginning in 2008. However, Kenya Moore joined it later in 2012.

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