“She Could Eat Every Single Thing Served”: Brother Angry At Family Member After His Vegan Fiancée Goes Hungry At Dinner Despite The Food Being Vegan

“So I did my best,” wrote the Redditor u/itriedokay123 on the incident that happened after he volunteered to cook for a small family gathering. It turns out, his brother’s fiancée was vegan, so he made sure to adapt the menu. “I put together a dijon vinaigrette salad, pasta tossed with roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes,” and made sure the bread didn’t have milk or eggs in it.

However, the dinner didn’t go as planned. “Reassurances are made, I did my homework but… she has other complaints,” he recounted in the post on r/AITA. After everyone had left, the author’s brother texted a message blaming him for leaving his woman hungry.

This didn’t sit well, and here you have it, a full-blown family drama and somewhat of a classic example of when everyone seems to try their hardest but it turns out average at best.

This person volunteered to cook for his family, but knowing that his brother’s new fiancée is vegan, he adapted the menu

Source & Credit: boredpanda.com

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