Pregnant Woman Murde’red In Baltimore, Baby In Critical Condition

East Baltimore police are investigating the death of a 38-year-old pregnant woman who was sho’t and kill’ed on Friday (May 13).

According to WJZ, Angel Smith was sho’t and kill’ed outside of her home along with her fiancé shortly after 8 p.m. Both were taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment. The man’s name has not yet been released.

Smith was pronounced dead shortly after giving birth to a newborn girl, who is currently listed in critical condition.

“My heart is broken. It feels like my soul has left my body,” Smith’s childhood friend Christian told WJZ. “You don’t know you’re going to get gun’ned down to go in your home—your safe place where you go to be peaceful. This is the type of city we live in.”

Smith was seven months pregnant, according to Christian. Police are searching for two suspects who opened fire on the couple as they sat in their car.

“We don’t see nothing but kill’ing, kill’ing, kill’ing,” Christian said. ”This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and they took her.”

The fiancé’s family also spoke to the news station. Minnie, a cousin, urged the shoo’ter and any witnesses to come forward.

“We’re sick of the kill’ing,” she said. “We’re sick of anyone just going around kill’ing anyone they want to. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of Baltimore City having so many kill’ings being number one or number two in the worst crim’es. I’m over it.”

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