Pregnant Hoot’ers Waitress Shares The ‘Worst Thing A Customer Has Ever Said To Her’

The woman, who goes by the TikTok username @noodledoot, listed a number of things various customers had apparently said to her when visiting the establishment.

‘Rating’ the comments, text on the video read: “You and your baby daddy still together? Mild 3/10.”

Pregnant Hooters waitress.

Next on the list was: “I don’t know what it is, pregnant women are just so sexy to me,” which she rated ‘1/10,’ and ‘not the worst but certainly not comfortable’.

Another apparently said in reference to her: “There’s that girl that ate too many cheeseburgers,” before she revealed that the ‘worst actually’ was: “What’re you doing after your pregnancy?”

Several users took to the comments section of the video, responding to what customers had supposedly said to her.

One wrote: “Don’t forget, ‘Oh I didn’t know they allowed pregnant people to work here’. Like…”

“I couldn’t imagine being pregnant working there,” added another. “All the creepy men.”

A third pitched in, saying: “‘What are you doing after the pregnancy?’ Probably motherly duties, being a mother, mothering.”

Making light of the situation, a fourth person commented: “The ‘you only last 2 sec’ comment is a cringe. S***, you ain’t about to find out.”

Others took the opportunity to send well wishes to the waitress, saying: “You’re so pretty! God bless you and your beautiful baby.”

Another remarked: “Don’t listen to them girl, people are so nasty out there. Just do your job and make more money the hell with them.”

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