New Mom Gets Dumped by Her Husband, Finds Out Her Mom Is Pregnant by Him

One woman had the dream wedding and what looked like the perfect life. However, everything changed after she made a shocking discovery. Her world was turned upside down by someone she loved deeply.

Betra-yal is always pain-ful, but it is unbearable when it comes from someone trusted. Mothers are supposed to love, cherish and look after their kids, but sadly this isn’t always the case.

One daughter saw the ugly side of the woman who raised her and could never look at her the same again. Read her heart-breaking story and discover why she decided her mom’s actions were unforgivable.

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Lauren Wall was a beautiful and happy bride in 2004. Her mom had spent £15,000 (about $18,500) on a fairytale wedding, and Wall was immensely grateful. She enjoyed every minute of her perfect day next to her newlywed husband, Paul White.

She even brought her beloved mom, Julie, along for their honeymoon trip and thought her husband’s relationship with her mom was sweet. She was delighted that they bonded and made jokes together.

Wall noted:

However, there was something unthinkable brewing behind their smiles. The dreamy life Wall thought she had turned into a nightmare before the ink on her wedding certificate was dry.


The London, England resident recalled that her husband’s behavior changed after their wedding, and he became secretive about his phone. When she found messages between her mom and her husband, Wall was dumbfounded.

She confronted Julie, but she denied all of the claims. However, when she spoke to her husband about the text messages, he couldn’t hide the truth.

She shared: “When I confronted Paul, he went white as a sheet – and refused to let me see his phone.” Eight weeks after their big day, White took off his wedding ring and left Wall and their seven-month-old daughter.


Wall felt her entire world crumble in front of her eyes. Not only did she lose her husband, but she was betrayed by the woman who raised her.

The heartbroken woman expressed:

For Wall, the shock about her husband’s infidelity was not as gutwrenching as the shock of her mother’s involvement. It was devastating to realize that her mother was the reason for all her pai-n.


Wall stated that her groom might have been “gutless,” but she expected more from the woman who was meant to “love and protect [her] above all others.”

“Instead, she stole my husband, shattering my family and my dreams. For that, I’ll never truly forgive her,” Wall added. She was left with a newborn daughter and a broken heart, and another significant blow was still coming.


Wall didn’t think the betra-yal she faced could worsen, but she was wrong. Weeks after discovering her mom had moved in with her former husband, she saw her walking down the street and stopped in her tracks.

Wall recalled:

“When I saw her in the street and noticed she had a bump, my mind raced. She clutched her stomach and told me, ‘It’s a cyst.’ I felt so sick, I went home and destroyed all the photos of our wedding.”

Julie was lying to her daughter because she didn’t have a cyst. She was pregnant with White’s child. In 2005, she gave birth to his child, and Wall called the entire ordeal “sick” and “one of the worst things a mom can do to a daughter.”


The special mother and daughter connection between Julie and Wall was gone forever, but there was some hope of reconciliation. It was not easy, but Wall tried her best to move on. She also attended White and Julie’s wedding in 2009.

She noted:

“It was almost too much to bear but I did it for my daughter. I went to watch Mom marry the same man I’d wed five years earlier.”

While Wall found love again and rebuilt her life, she revealed the pai-n and betra-yal still affected her life. Her story displayed that the saddest thing about betra-yal is that it never comes from your ene-mies, but from people you love.

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