“My Heart Is So Full”: Gay Man Welcomes Baby Boy Born Through Surrogate

Shaun Resnik is the first single man in Victoria to become a dad via surrogacy
Melbourne man was single when the process began three-and-a-half years ago
Endured many obstacles and heartbreak before a friend offered to carry his child
A Melbourne naturopath is finally enjoying his lifelong dream of fatherhood after a long and painstaking journey stacked with roadblocks.

Shaun Resnik recently made history as the first single man in Victoria to become a dad via surrogacy following the arrival of baby Eli Michael on March 22, three-and-a-half years after he began the process.

Around 100 babies are born to surrogates across the state each year, who need to get federal government approval before they tackle Victoria’s strict laws, a process notoriously impossible for singles.

Mr. Resnik hopes sharing his story will open the door for other singles to finally become parents. ‘It’s a love like I’ve never experienced before,’ the new dad told Seven News. Mr. Resnik, now 44, was single when he began the long journey to parenthood by turning to local surrogacy Facebook groups shortly after his 40th birthday.

A year later, he was introduced to Carla Pincombe, who was pregnant with a same-sex couple’s surrogate child at the time and the pair quickly became great friends. Mr. Resnik endured a heartbreaking and unsuccessful journey with three other potential surrogates before Ms. Pincombe offered to carry his child.

His dream of fatherhood became a reality a year ago when Mr. Resnik met mother-of-two Bree, who agreed to donate her eggs for Ms. Pincombe to carry his child. ‘This is huge! It’s time society got to see single gay men as dads,’ Resnik previously told 7Life. ‘I have always wanted to be a dad, I just didn’t know how I was going to make it possible.’ Mr. Resnik described fatherhood as exhausting but rewarding.

Eli, who arrived several weeks early, was named after his grandfather. ‘He’s a good bubba. As long as there is a bottle in his mouth he’s calm, relaxed, and chilled,’ Mr. Resnik told Sunrise on Tuesday. ‘But he has a scream that will pierce your soul! He’s keeping us up at night and if I wasn’t bald, I would have lost my hair already.’

He said the difficult and often heartbreaking three-and-a-half-year journey he endured was worth it. A close relationship with his own parents inspired his urge to have children, even if it meant going solo. ‘I’ve always wanted to be a dad as I have a wonderful relationship with my parents,’ he said.

‘Some of my fondest memories was growing up for walks with my dad and the dogs and we just have this amazing bond. ‘I just wanted to have that connection with my beautiful kids and that’s why it was worth it. It was hard work but worth it. ‘At the time of my journey I was a single gay man and I really yearned to have a family.

‘I’m now in a relationship. He’s just joined us on this journey. The house is full of two dogs, a baby, and a partner. All of those dreams have come true.’ Ms. Pincome was more than happy to help her friend after three potential surrogates fell through for various reasons. ‘Joy. Pure joy. I guess, surprise, and probably relief as well,’ she said.

Mr. Resnik and his partner, also named Sean has spent the last fortnight adjusting to life with their new bundle of joy. ‘Exhausting and exhilarating all at once!’ he posted on Monday. ‘I’ve had my hands full… of dirty nappies and chucks.

‘Sean’s doing a fantastic job and it’s been a delight seeing Carla and her kids for Eli cuddles. Baby Eli rules the house!’ Mr. Resnik encouraged other singles to pursue their parenthood dreams but warned it won’t be easy and stressed the need for a strong support network if going it alone. ‘I was willing to do it on my own and that’s exactly what I would have done,’ he said.

‘My advice is to go for it but don’t put it off too long. ‘This is a long process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ Mr. Resnik hasn’t ruled out a future sibling for little Eli. ‘If Carla is up to it and I’m not completely exhausted by the end of it, I’ll do it for him,’ he said.

Source & Credit: makaluhilsonline.com

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