Moment personal trainer finds church-going wife

Eduardo Alves came across his wife and the homeless man together in a car.
CCTV footage appears to show him dragging the man out and beating him.
His church-going wife later said she’d received a ‘message from God’ to ‘help’ the rough sleeper.
The clip was recorded in the Jardim Roriz area in Brazil’s Federal District.
This is the shocking moment a personal trainer flew into a fit of rage after finding his wife cheating on him with a homeless man. CCTV shows Eduardo Alves walking up to a parked car and peek through the windscreen, only to see his partner inside with another man.

Enraged, he slams his fists on the glass before opening the car door and climbing inside to give the man a beating. The wife, a churchgoer, later told a friend she had received a ‘message from God’ to ‘help’ the rough sleeper.

The incident took place in the neighborhood of Jardim Roriz in Brazil’s Federal District, in the early hours of March 10. According to the news outlet Metropoles, Mr. Alves’ wife and mother-in-law had left home to help the man who was living rough.

The two later split, but Eduardo was later unable to contact his wife, who was not answering her phone. The personal trainer later found the car his wife had left home in by a primary school. And after approaching the vehicle, he came across the jaw-dropping scene.

Footage captured by CCTV shows how Mr. Alves delivers a beating to the homeless man, who is then seen getting out of the vehicle. But Mr. Alves follows him, before bringing him back to the car and giving him another beating.

His partner is then seen lying on the ground outside the car, distraught at the unfolding situation. Mr. Alves reportedly told the police that he first thought it was a rape he was witnessing through the windscreen.

However, his wife, whose name was not given, told officers that the relations she was having with the man at the time were, in fact, consensual. She told the cops she enjoyed helping vulnerable people through the church she attends.

And she allegedly later told a friend she had received a ‘message from God’ to help the homeless man she was caught with. The homeless man was taken to hospital with bruises and two black eyes. He is said to be recovering well from the injuries he sustained. The Civil Police (Brazil’s investigative police force) of the Federal District continues to investigate the case.

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