Mom Straps Her Newborn In Car Seat, Throws Her Out 2nd-Story Window Before Taking Her Last Breaths

Shelby Carter is being hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved her newborn daughter’s life.

As their home was engulfed in flames, Carter strapped 10-day-old Keana in a car seat and dropped her from the second-story window.

According to Wyoming-Speer Fire Department captain Jake Plumer, paramedics and firefighters found the baby safe on the ground.

Crews tried to save the 21-year-old mother who was trapped in the home, but they couldn’t get to her in time.

She was pronounced dead after firefighters found her in an upstairs bedroom of the home. According to an autopsy, she died from smoke inhalation.

In a Facebook post, the fire department sent their condolences and asked for donations for Carter’s family.

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