Mom sho’t dead just five days after attending her 5-year-old son’s funeral – rest in peace

An Indiana mother was sho’t and ki’lled just five days after mourning the loss of her 5-year-old son at his funeral.

According to tragic reports, the Davidson family, of South Bend, Indiana, are once again reeling in grief after Kaylynn Davidson was shot outside of a restaurant on Tuesday night. Police said the 32-year-old was rushed to hospital, where she later died from her injuries.

Just five days ago, Kaylynn attended the funeral for her son, Kyler Jackson, who died after an accidental shoo’ting involving a 9-year-old relative on May 1. The young boy passed away three days after the incident.

Councilman Pastor Canneth Lee, who served as lead pastor at Kyler’s funeral, is now trying to help the Davidson family through their immeasurable grief once more.

“When you get that call when a loved one is dead, or that a loved one is at the hospital, that a tragedy has happened, it is a lot of emotion,” he said to WNDU.

He added: “They have had three tragedies: Kyler, the nephew (who accidentally sho’t him) and now Kyler’s mom.” Lee also urged the community of South Bend to come together to prevent such things happening again in the future.

“If we can’t live for our children and raise our children, then what else do we have?” he said.

As per ABC, a woman named Kimarie Wright has been char’ged with mur’der and voluntary man’slaughter in the wake of the shoo’ting that claimed Kaylynn Davidson’s life.

Surveillance footage reportedly showed Davidson entering a restaurant in South Bend on Tuesday, May 17, and hi’tting Wright. The two women then fou’ght before others got involved and bro’ke them apart.

Wright, though, pulled out a hand’gun, fir’ing it at Davidson and other restaurant-goers after they had fled the building.

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