Mom-Of-Two Left Devastated After Microblading Session Went Horribly Wrong

Crystal Weinstock tried out microblading for the second time, paying $340. She had attempted her first in November 2021, but it was cut short due to bleeding, and the pigment didn’t stick. Yet again, the 37-Year-Old is faced with another heartbreak after her recent session went horribly wrong.

The mom-of-two was shocked to find the makeup artist had made her eyebrows much bigger and bolder that her little girl was too scared to come anywhere close.

Devastated, the Texas-based took to Instagram, where she detailed her awful experience. She shared: “This is beyond embarrassing for me to post, but at this point, it seems like the right thing to do because I don’t want someone else to go through this.” Crystal explained she trusted her beautician and never expected to get such results.

The dentist hygienist admitted the beautician had continuously blamed her skin and refused to accept it was a F*** up job.

She added: “I literally had to beg for the money I had to pocket out to fix this. She even is opening an Academy to teach others and charge them? What a scam. I need others to known that this is not okay, she was negligence [sic] in drinking on the job and encouraging me that it was okay to drink not knowing how this turned out. This was also on me for trusting her the way I did. Lesson learned.”

People were quick to share in Crystal’s pain as one wrote in the comments: “So sorry about that couz. Don’t feel bad about posting this, people need to see it!!”

Another said: “How can even mapping get this thick? This is not ok whatsoever!! I’m so sorry for what you are going through I have seen this go around and I wasn’t sure if this was real.” A third stated: “Maybe alcohol during the procedure for the technician wasn’t the best idea – sorry this happened & hopefully someone can help you correct.” Fortunately, Crystal has now found a clinic in California.

She has flown to attend her appointments with Erica Kovitz of Beverly Hills Microblading, committed to reversing the treatment.

So far, Crystal has launched a GoFundMe page for travel expenses that she will incur for the remainder of the process. While she feels humiliated and embarrassed to share her story, including photos, she hopes her experience makes people realize how important it is to check credentials and show artists that are getting into the field that their clients are real people who have to deal with the consequences.

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