Kountry Revealed How He Worked Hard For So Many Years After Having Seven Kids By 22 Years Old

Kountry Wayne is a good name in the comedy industry and he is popular for his unique comedy performance. He has more than 3 million followers on his social media where he used to post some of his unique and fully Zainy antics.

Recently in his interview with Dj Vlad, he opened up on sharing some of his life secrets with the world and showed up who he actually is. The conversation of him in his interview displays that he was actually having a rough upbringing.

Wayne mentioned that he came up from a small town in Georgia. Kountry Wayne lost his mom when he was too young. So, in his childhood, he was much needed to bounce in between his father’s house and grandmother’s house. Kountry Wayne admitted that though his childhood was a bit struggle he was actually having much more freedom than other kids his age.

He mentioned that he was thankful for the extra freedom as he enjoyed a bit extra as he was free. Kountry further opened up saying that in his childhood, he was much free to do the stuff which other kids were not allowed for. He mentioned the reason that there was nobody to put discipline on him.

In the interview, he was further asked a question on how many kids he is having? And the answer was much interesting. He said that he was having 7 kids by the age of 22. He mentioned that his journey starts when he was just 17 years old and he got his first baby.

After this, he never looked back and got 7 kids by the age of 22. Vlad went on asking about the mother of all these 7 kids. On this, Wayne replied that he got his 7 kids from 4 different mothers. He mentioned that he even fathered two kids at an interval of just four days.

Vlad keeps on asking that how he feels about being a father of 7 at just the age of 22. On this, Wayne replied that he felt amazing about fathering 7 kids as he was not having enough money and was not married to any of their mothers. The father of 7 explained he got his first kid from his high school mistress and they together got three children. And, he was again aware of the last kid.

But, in the middle, three were like Boom! He mentioned that he was not even aware that the middle three kids were of him only. The comedian joked that despite using protection, he got someone pregnant. He mentioned his pull-out game to be ter**b!e. Further in his interview, he focused light on his career journey that he began to be a rapper but ended up as a successful comedian. Currently, Kountry Wayne is 33 years old and has a total of 10 kids including 10 daughters and 3 sons.

Source & Credit: floridanews.me

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