Julia Fox Goes Grocery Shopping In Her Underwear, Thinks It Should Be Socially Acceptable

Most of us may remember her as the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, but she’s certainly created a unique presence within that short time. The “Uncut Gems” star is back with yet another quirky moment when she stepped into the grocery store in underwear.

She certainly maintained a stylish look as she coordinated her black underwear with blue denim outerwear, boots, and even a denim bag.

And if they look familiar to you, that’s probably because she wore them a few weeks ago, sharing she’s made the pants and top herself.

Also, she definitely had a pair of jeans hanging from her hand, and this might be the most bizarre fashion moment from Julia Fox.

She wrote about this unusual way of dressing on her Instagram story, “I think that if it’s socially acceptable at the beach, it should be the same everywhere, lol.”

But she’s probably just vibing with the end of the world. Her post caption read, “My vibe is just preparing for the apocalypse rn.”

Some people had gone compliment her confident look.

But others were quick to make fun of her unusual look and mocked the woman for it.

Source & Credit: greenlemon.me

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