Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Reveals Pics Of Amber Heard Looking Flawless Day After ‘Abuse’

However, Depp’s team presented pictures and videos that proved she looked fine the very next day.

That was on the night she appeared for ‘The Late, Late Show with James Corden’ where she was filmed with no injury on her. She also took pictures with the host and others after the talk show.

Heard spoke under oath that she felt like she almost died when Depp headbutted her the day before and suffocated her with a pillow. The result of the fight was two black eyes, a broken nose, and a busted lip.

In order to cover up, she claimed her makeup team applied this “super heavy, red matte lipstick” to cover the bloodied lip.

“I got worried that I wouldn’t be able to hide the bruising and swelling. I iced it all night and the next day checked in the mirror to see if I could get away with it, meaning hiding it, so I could make an appearance,” she continued.

“I gambled and thought maybe I could pull it off, I had my hair and makeup team come. They worked around it, meaning worked around the lesions on my head with the hair spray because that stings.”

“They worked around the bruising by covering it with heavy makeup, heavier makeup than normal bruise covering makeup.”

“I remember my lip was still bleeding and swollen so we did this really thick super heavy matte red lipstick and I remember very well at the time that we had no choice in color, and that was one of my favorite colors to wear.”

“On this occasion, we had no choice because we had to hide my busted lip.”

Camille Vasquez constantly questioned her regarding the alleged abuse, demanding explanations for her fresh appearance at the talk show after she was allegedly punched and ended up with a broken nose.

She then moved on to the fight in Russian during the time they were in Russian to promote his movie ‘Lone Ranger’ in June 2013. When shown the pictures during the time they made an appearance there, Heard said she couldn’t tell if she had injuries or not on her.

Then after Met Gala night in 2014, Heard claimed yet again she had a broken nose when she arrived at an event honoring Don Rickles. No sign of injury was visible from the pictures and she argued, “You should see what it looked like under the makeup.”

Users have compiled pictures of Heard after the Met Gala to see if she had visible injuries.

She insisted that her ex-husband “did whack me in the face and I did think it broke my nose.”

They also appeared together at the ‘Mortdecai’ premiere in Tokyo in 2015. She had previously described the fight they had in the hotel room before this.

She told the court, “I managed to get out of his grasp to take a few steps and went into the closet. By the time I made it in he had me by the hair. It felt like he was wailing me in a sloppy way and wrestled me to the floor. I didn’t have a fair shot, I was walking away from him.”

“I didn’t see it coming he wrestled me down to the ground. He was really screaming, loud. I remember trying to get up and him wrestling me down and he put his knee on my back and I had this struggle with him and I look at him and he’s still got his glasses on,” she continued.

Her backless dress allowed people to see that there was no visible injury on her back.

Vasquez continued asking how she constantly take pictures of Depp sleeping and passing out.

Heard answered that she took these pictures to prove her drug abuse and how he’d deny ever doing them when he woke up. Heard, who’d admitted to taking MDMA and mushrooms, added, “I hated it, I hated it…I wanted him to get help. He’s surrounded by enablers.”

When asked if she has any direct proof of Depp doing cocaine, Heard sarcastically said she never took any of the man “mid snort.”

She’s also admitted to not donating to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital as she had claimed repeatedly in court and on talk shows before. Depp’s team continued grilling the actress over mismatched information and unproven claims during the Fairfax court.

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