Janis Gaye ex wife of Marvin Gaye opened up about her illicit affair with Frankie Beverly

Marvin Gaye and his then-wife, Janis Gaye, would have collected the ratings through the roofs. Their striking stunt and in this case, their se xu al stunts make today’s reality shows look like Sesame Street in contrast. For the unversed, On May 2015. Jan published a memoir,

After the Dance: My Life With Marvin Gaye and a lot of the things she disclosed are breath-taking! One of the things Jan disclosed was her apparent affair with R&B legends, Frankie Beverly and Teddy PenThatally, at that time Frankie Beverly Crawled Away From Her. As per Janis, Marvin adored to see her get busy with other men and/or couples in the bedroom.

He was the dominating factor within their relationship as he was 15 years older than her. With her affair with Frankie Beverly that had both ups and down, beginning and ending. Marvin seemingly arranged a hotel union between his wife and Frankie: As per Daily Mail the chemistry between Janis and Maze singer,

Frankie Beverly, Gaye did everything he could to set up a forbidden relationship between the two. Janis and Beverly smoked a joint in Janis’ hotel room, and after sometime Gaye banged on the door to catch them red handed. But Beverly crawled back to his room on his hands and knees, due to which Gaye found Janis alone. It’s became obvious that Marvin Gaye had his shortcomings and so did his wife, Jan Gaye.

They are true examples of children who were broken, growing up and becoming broken adults. Marvin sang a song which was emotional, painful and passionate much like his life. Celebrities have achieve big things, but they doesn’t become perfect people. However, it just makes them perfectly flawed human beings just like common people.

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