In U.S A 19 year old Teen Becomes Youngest Black Student to Graduate Law School

The youngest African-American ever to graduate from law school in the United States of America is Haley Taylor Schlitz has become at age of 19. She is the native of Dallas, Texas, who grabbed the limelight after when she was just 16-year-old was being accepted into nine law schools. A black women said,

On May 13, the young will graduate from the Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. She has been studying law for the past three years. Something she’s always had an interest in was education policy.After receiving her law degree, Haley wishes to begin working on education policy topics.

Before studying law, at the age of 13 only she graduated high school and went to community college before Texas Women’s University and then law school at SMU. Haley has quite a long list of achievements, including at the of 17, worked as a representative to the Democratic National Convention.

Now, she mentors young Black girls and helps develop their leadership skills as she works as a guide in the Young Scholar. As per Black Woman, she is also a repeatedly told belief columnist for Blavity and Blavity U. The young black women invention is accepted in 27 Universities and the Invention is a Device for The Blind.

Earlier, there was a report that a high school senior from Florida, Jonathan Walker, with $4 million in scholarship offers has been accepted into 27 colleges and universities. The Rutherford High School prodigy accomplished this while,

balancing between studies and extra-curricular activities in school. As reported by ABC News, In spite of his busy routine Smart tech brain, the teenager manage time to invent a device that helps people who are blind and/or deaf, according to ABC News.

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