Husband Pulls Life Support Plug On Wife In Coma, Then Hears Her Whisper I’m A Champion

A son found her mother lying unconscious at home. A 45 year old women named Lyndee Brown Pellettiere Swapp was rushed to the hospital and doctor was helpless as she had seizures and slipped into coma for 12 days.

Doctors were not very hopeful of her surviving but the her family was expecting a miracle which can save her. The family was advised by doctors to remove life support after many days being in coma. Lyndee earlier said to her family that she wanted to donate her or’gan after her de’ath, so family need to make a decision before her or’gans fails.

Ultimately the decision were made and before pulling the plug of life support, every family member visited her to say a final goodbye with a heavy heart. Although she can’t move or speak but she can hear everyone. The last person who went to say goodbye to lydee was her husband who whispered in ear You are champ. I need you.

At that time she want speak to save her life despite that she can’t move her lips. She later explained. She surprised her family by speaking I am champion after lots of struggle. After so much struggle and pain she back to life and responding well.

Amanda daughter of lyndlee was by remembering that moment got emotional. However, she needs to take follow ups from the doctors. Lyndee set a inspiration for those who don’t believe in miracles. Her family learned a lesson that one need to be close,

to their family and not to take anyone for granted. Lyndee is still struggling to get back to normal. She had no clue that how she fell and went into coma. Lyndee was the fighter and still fighting to eat and walk by her own.

Source & Credit: Google

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