Husband Of Teacher Ki’lled In Texas Mass Sho’oting Has D’ied From A Heart At’tack

According to reports, Joe Garcia, the husband of one of two teachers, Irma Garcia, shot and ki’lled in Tuesday’s mass sh-ooting in Uvalde, TX, has died from a heart att’ack.


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Houston reporter Matthew Seedorff tweeted that the couple’s family confirmed his unfortunate passing.

BREAKING: Family members tell me Joe Garcia, the husband of Uvalde teacher Irma Garcia, just d’ied of a heart att’ack. The couple had been married 24 years and has 4 children. Irma was s’hot and ki’lled Tuesday trying to protect her 4th grade class. #breaking #Uvalde

A family member John Martinez also tweeted:

EXTREMELY he’artbreaking and come with deep sorrow to say that my Tia Irma’s husband Joe Garcia has passed away due to gr’ief

He continued:

I truly am at a loss for words for how we are all feeling, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, God have mercy on us, this isn’t easy.

The couple was married for 24 years and leaves behind four children.

On Tuesday, President Biden addressed the nation about the ho’rrific incident. He asked:

When, in God’s name, are we going to stand up to the gu’n lobby? When, in God’s name, will we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?

Full of emotion, Biden said he was “sick and tired,” of the vio’lence, and he posed another question:

How many scores of little children … witnessed what happened — see their friends die, as if they’re on a battle-field, for God’s sake?

Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles worked together and reportedly d’ied shielding their students from 18-year-old Sal’vador Ramos.

The gu’nman is accused of ki’lling 19 kids and two ad’ults, according to CNN. He was shot and ki’lled by police.

Roomies, please keep this family in your prayers.



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